NEST is seeking to include a passive or actively managed Sharia compliant global equity investment option as part of its optional suite of investment funds in order to fully provide for the needs of scheme members.


2 Responses to Britain’s National Employment Savings Trust to offer Shariah global equity fund

  1. Sounds like some gullible future pensioners could get suckered into the idea that adding a sharia fund to their portfolio would help them “diversify” their retirement savings. They’ll probably be told that sharia is a “safe,” “conservative,” investment that will help retirees earn income & preserve wealth just like salesmen tell old people in America about annuities. Sigh.

    So glad to see SFW up & running again!

  2. shariahfinancewatch says:

    Very valid observation, especially given that key financial Jihadists in the West, including Sheikh DeLorenzo, have called for marketing Shariah Compliant Finance to non-Muslims and have even urged making up euphemisms such as “ethical investing” to replace references to Shariah in disclosure statements.

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